Local Court Closing ? Handcuff yourself to the door

The decision to close some local magistrates and county courts is a disaster for Dave’s Big Society.

Local Courts are on a par with the local shop and pub when it comes to facilities that are important to a community.

Why you ask, “Only a relatively small percentage of the community actually use the Courts whether voluntarily or under compulsion”

Because the local Court represents in our community the face of our society, dispensing justice at a local level involving the lives of local people.

The reporting of the local Magistrates proceedings gives some reassurance that criminals are being caught, crime is being fought, it provides a place where local people can have their local disputes resolved,  their bad debts recovered ,their marriages put asunder and their  life pieced back together afterwards.

This decision will mean not just accused but witnesses police office officers, social workers and probation officers and even local reporters are all going to have to travel to attend court placing on them an additional burden in terms of time & cost.

Where are the economic savings here?

How does this fit in with this Government’s stated intention to devolve powers and community affairs to local communities?

Think again Dave & Tel.

One Response to Local Court Closing ? Handcuff yourself to the door

  1. Nigel Lloyd says:

    I agree alot of the cuts are not cuts at all – they will only shift expenditures from one part of a budget to another, in the case of Publicly Funded cases, and in the case of privately paying ones leaving it either for the Lawyer to end up charging his Client for the additional travel time and cost, or (less likely) swallowing some or all of those costs.

    In a democracy access to justice, which must include a reasonably proximate venue is vital. This is an extremely retrograde step, the ramifications of which have, alas, not been thought through properly.

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